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TENANT SPOTLIGHT: iFM Community Medicine

This month, we feature iFM Community Medicine. Established in 2000, iFM is a not-for-profit healthcare organization whose model is unique. iFM partners with other nonprofits including schools, shelters, and social service organizations to bring healthcare to their students, residents and clients “within their walls”. 

The model serves to bring healthcare to otherwise underserved and under-resourced children, youth and adults who are facing the challenges of poverty and are frequently, escaping abusive situations.  “We bridge gaps to healthcare by eliminating the typical barriers of transportation, cost, and, in many cases, fear and distrust of the traditional healthcare system” says founder and CEO Dr. David Campbell.  “By partnering with these agencies with whom these individuals already have a trusting relationship, we are able to connect more easily.”

iFM operates over 20 clinics throughout the greater Metropolitan area using this model, including partnerships with Youth-In-Need, Crisis Nursery, Every Child’s Hope, Covenant House, Epworth Children’s Home, and St. Vincent’s Home, just to name a few.

iFM also operates a multifaceted school health program, providing medical director services to over 12 area districts, phone consultation, on-site care including school-based health centers within five districts, and telemedicine services.

“Each one of our clinics is a little different from the others – and that is by design because we don’t do cookie cutter. Each clinic is designed to address the needs of the agency and the patients we are serving there,” explains Sharon Neumeister, Chief Program Officer. Sharon joined iFM after retiring from a 30-year career with Mercy. “I have seen not-for-profits from both sides now, the large and the small. It is exciting to see how nimble iFM is to be able to quickly address a problem with a quality program that addresses a need and endures.”

Collaboration is the cornerstone of iFM, so joining Delmar DivINe is a natural fit. The administrative offices of iFM Community Medicine will be housed at Delmar DivINe, moving it closer to the heart of their service area.