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TENANT SPOTLIGHT: Gateway Greening

This month we feature Gateway Greening, which was established in 1984 and provides support to over 240 projects that include community gardens, school gardens, urban orchards, and urban farms throughout the region.  This support includes a development process, educational workshops, garden beds, compost bins, materials, tools, seeds, plants, and volunteers.

Delmar Divine will bring together Gateway Greening’s offices, operations facility, and demonstration garden at one site.  In addition to its offices in the main building, Gateway Greening will build a new demonstration garden on the north side of Enright Avenue.  Already starting its relocation to Delmar Divine, Gateway Greening has moved out of its offices on Washington Avenue and will temporarily work out of its operations facility until the big move later this year.

During the pandemic, one silver lining is the renewed interest in nature and also in growing food.  Gateway Greening is experiencing greater demand for its workshops, while new projects and project expansions have doubled this spring.  While the organization had to shift to deliveries, virtual workshops, and curbside pickup, Gateway Greening is looking forward to reconnecting with its communities this summer and fall.

“The nutritional, physical, and mental benefits of nature and growing food are becoming much more evident,” said Matt Schindler, Executive Director of Gateway Greening.  “At Delmar Divine, Gateway Greening hopes to make new connections to other nonprofits and explore new partnerships.  Everyone needs nature and everyone needs healthy food.  Gateway Greening wishes to see people connected to the land, to their food, and to each other in deeply rooted, resilient urban communities.”

If you wish to begin growing your own food, start with Gateway Greening’s planting calendar for the region.