ST. LOUIS — Clayco is underway on Delmar Divine, a $100 million redevelopment of a long-vacated hospital campus along Delmar Boulevard in St. Louis. The 500,000-square-foot project will become “a hub for innovation and enterprise,” according to Clayco. Completion is slated for fall 2021.

The first phase will establish a nonprofit working space, a café and residential apartments. The 150 multifamily units will be geared toward professionals in fields such as social work, nursing and policing. More office space and services such as early childhood education will follow. The developers hope to attract a myriad of nonprofits, foundations and community support organizations to the project.

The name “Delmar Divine” draws a sharp contrast to how the area has historically been negatively perceived, according to Clayco. For many years, the area was referred to as the “Delmar Divide” due to racial and income stratifications that existed on the north and south ends of the street.

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