ST. LOUIS — The former St. Luke’s Hospital looms over Delmar Boulevard, its exterior beset by weeds, rust and broken glass since the hospital went bankrupt in 2013. But come fall 2021, the 500,000-square-foot building will begin its second life — housing apartments, offices, a cafe and a highly anticipated nonprofit collaborative.

“It’s had nine buildings attached to it over 100 years,” said the project’s creator, Maxine Clark. “It’s been empty seven years and it’s an eyesore. It was so big, most people couldn’t imagine what it could be. … It’s something we might want to preserve about St. Louis.”

The project will be called the Delmar DivINe, named to counter the racial and income stratification that comes with the “Delmar Divide” moniker. Clark and Executive Director Jorge Riopedre anticipate closing on the project within the next few weeks and are completing leases with more than 20 different organizations and nonprofits.

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